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It has a variety of properties that can help people prevent heart attack or stroke. The antioxidant power and the ability to reduce silent inflammation are two obvious cardiovascular benefits. There is also evidence that Natural Astaxanthin can help improve blood lipid profiles by decreasing low density lipoprotein (LDL, bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and by increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL, good cholesterol).

This has been demonstrated in both human and animal trials. Researchers have concluded through studies that consumption of Astaxanthin inhibits LDL oxidation and possibly therefore contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis. Another benefit may be Astaxanthin’s ability to decrease blood pressure and protection against hypertension and stroke and in improving memory in vascular dementia and help reduce the consequences of a heart attack. So, in essence, Natural Astaxanthin along with support for cardiovascular, has tremendous benefits for the whole body.

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I always encourage my clients to liaise with me either personally or telephonically to discuss the dosages, which are so personal and vary, dependent on whether for general use or for a chronic condition. The benefits of this natural medicine increase as the dosage increases. Also important to explain the merits and benefits of this amazing nutrient and how Astaxanthin works in the body.

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Natural Astaxanthin

I had a small carcinoma removed off my neck about 6 weeks ago and the doctor is amazed how quickly the wound has closed and healed, I put it down to Astaxanthin again.

Graeme Palmer

I have suffered from high cholesterol for many years and am on medication for it, the lowest I could get was about 5.8.

I was tested last week for a medical and am now down to 3.7 with very little change in my diet. I put it down to Natural Astaxanthin.

Greame Palmer

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