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With more and more people spending their days typing on computers, RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) is becoming one of the most debilitating workplace injuries. Taking prescription drugs can have harmful side effects.

People who suffer from RSI are turning to proven and safer alternative therapies. Researchers studied 20 people with RSI and divided them up into two groups: 13 people received 4mgs of Natural Astaxanthin three times a day, and 7 people received a placebo. Those given Natural Astaxanthin reported a 27% reduction in daytime pain after four weeks and a 41% reduction after eight weeks.

Eye strain or eye fatigue is commonplace in today’s high-tech living and that is why antioxidant eye protection is even more important.

Researchers in Japan found that people who spend a lot of time at their computers and took 5mgs of Astaxanthin per day over a 4 week period reported a 46% reduction in eye strain and higher ability of the lens to proper focus. A lens that is better able to focus is less likely to get fatigued.

Furthermore, several studies have shown that people who took Astaxanthin in doses ranging from 4-12mgs a day showed improved visual acuity (the ability to see finer detail) and depth perception (Sawaki, 2002; Nakamura, 2004).

Natural Astaxanthin is one of the only antioxidants and anti-inflammatories on the planet which breaks through the blood brain and blood retina barriers, supporting and protecting all brain and visionary problems, including macular degeneration and glaucoma.  Also acts as a strong retinal “protectorant”.


  • Macular degeneration/Retina
  • All visionary problems
  • Increases blood flow to the Retina
  • Protects tired eyes – computers
  • Helps to keep eyes young
  • Helps you see better
  • Protects the immune system


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