Inflammation of the tendons

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Auto-immune disorder


It is our bodies’ immune response to fight infection and repair damaged tissues. Inflammation is the healing process that is triggered when something is wrong with our bodies. Astaxanthin combats inflammation in a multitude of ways and is closely related to its antioxidant activity.

Inflamation is what scientist are pointing to as the contributing factor and potential root of all diseases.

A Safe and Natural Anti-inflammatory

With the added advantage of being the most renowned, powerful and potent antioxidant available in
nature. It is a natural anti-inflammatory without any negative and dangerous side effects.

MIRACLE NUTRIENT works on multiple pathways, finds the inflammation and silent inflammation in the body, acts as a scavenger and minimizes or wipes out free radicals, (which has been demonstrated in double blind placebo controlled human clinical trials on various inflammatory conditions) as opposed to prescription drugs which work on a singular pathway causing harmful, negative and dangerous side effects in the body.

A health questionnaire of 247 Astaxanthin users showed that over 80% of arthritis sufferers improved with Astaxanthin.

So a person with Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel or any aches and pains should try Astaxanthin.

Due to its molecular structure, Astaxanthin is one of the few antioxidants with the ability to cross the blood brain and retina barriers bringing superior protection to the brain (memory, Dimentia etc.) eyes and central nervous system.

Natural Astaxanthin Gelcaps


Internal Beauty Pill and Skin Health:
Protection from wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, pigmentation and UV damage.

Sportmen’s Secret Weapon:
Supports stamina, energy and endurance.
Faster recovery rate after exercise.
Prevents soreness.
Especially vital for lactic acid breakdown and recovery after exercise.

Get in touch

I always encourage my clients to liaise with me either personally or telephonically to discuss the dosages, which are so personal and vary, dependent on whether for general use or for a chronic condition. The benefits of this natural medicine increase as the dosage increases. Also important to explain the merits and benefits of this amazing nutrient and how Astaxanthin works in the body.

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What people say about
Natural Astaxanthin

I am a 38 year old and mother of three children.

Due to my profession as a hairstylist, I suffered from sore muscles and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I have been on Astaxanthin for nearly a year now and have not had any pain in my muscles and joints since.

I have more energy and have even lost a few pounds in weight - I love the product.


I need to order 10 more bottles of Astaxathin and a cream. I ran out over two weeks ago and I'm feeling worse for it!


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