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A miracle nutrient that acts on the DNA bringing the body back
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Combine the amazing ORMUS minerals, in small doses with Astaxanthin capsules, creams and oils for EXCITING HEALTH BENEFITS and a WINNING FORMULA to your health and diet program.

Here’s the effect on the aura 3 minutes after drinking Ormus.

There are 3 main aspects to observe:

  1. Note the increase in vitality (horizontal axis) which only extends to the yellow line before and is much broader and more vital after.
  2. In the before picture, the colours of the aura are intermingled. After, there is markedly increased colour coherence.
  3. The crown and root chakras in the after pic are clearly visible, indicating that the spiritual axis is switched on after Ormus.

Ormus opens a cost effective gateway way to reduce the usage of harmful chemicals in our soils and increase the quality and quantity of our food, feed and fibre yields.

Simply put, Ormus is a bio-active cell food. Bio – as in life, active – for the tremendous positive impact on cellular activity. It is a broad spectrum mineral complex that all living cells thrive upon, containing over 70 different balanced minerals, many of which are rare.

Cells use minerals for energy, and Ormus is the purest form of energy available to them.

Within humans and animals Ormus replenishes essential minerals that are depleted through environmental degradation, substandard diets and the harmful chemicals in homes and our food. Ormus minerals are said to exist in an m-state (particularly the platinum group minerals), which act like benevolent superconductors for the enzymes in cells that power all of life’s processes.

Ormus contains minerals from five pristine salt sources from around the world, alchemically transformed into their Ormus or m-state.

Apart from the amazing mineral content, there is the additional benefit of the valuable plasma field that surrounds Ormus.


ORMUS is an ancient and natural alchemical process sourced from salt from the Dead Sea. Intensive research on the substance shows it is superconductive and has the capacity of transmitting and carrying electromagnetic energy of light. It is extremely significant for a full spectrum of body building.

Natural health and ORMUS experts including researchers, all agree that ORMUS minerals are a vital and essential part of the human body, which includes hair, skin and nails, muscle tissue and DNA which contains ORMUS minerals and elements.

Our very existence and health is dependent on minerals. According to Nobel prize winner, Dr Linus Pauling, every sickness, every disease, and every ailment can be traced back to a mineral deficiency.

Sadly due to environmental pollution and exploitation of our once mineral rich soils, eating right is not good enough anymore and we need to make sure we get the minerals our bodies need to stay healthy and maintain the PH balance for optimal nerve, muscular, tissue growth and structural support.

ORMUS supports our DNA bringing our bodies back to optimal health just as nature intended. It is extracted from 5 super salts using brine and filtered water.

ORMUS can be taken directly, or absorbed through the skin by eating plants grown with ORMUS.

200ml Ormus


People like David Hudson describe ORMUS as pro-life which acts on the DNA returning the body to its original “perfect state” just as nature intended.

ORMUS speeds up the healing process on the whole body. Including cuts, burns and wounds including internally, for example bone breaks, muscle tears and sprains.


Great responses have been noticed with ORMUS minerals like wrinkles vanishing and grey hair eventually returning to its original colour.


In addition to having a remarkable rejuvenated effect on the body, it also has a similar effect on the mind. Including getting over addiction related issues, even when extreme. As with mood enhancement this seems to act as a gateway for more meaningful spirituality for many.

ORMUS without being a stimulant, energises the body, mind, emotions and the spirit.

The benefits cover the complete human experience from the body, mind, to the emotions and the spirit. This is the prime set of reasons why the ORMUS minerals are so exciting and interesting and why so many people have reaped the benefits.

Long term ingestion produces cellular life: lengthens telomeres, reverses age, cellular structuring and rejuvenation. It has the capacity to activate enzymes which are dominant in many cells, known as telomerase.

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I always encourage my clients to liaise with me either personally or telephonically to discuss the dosages, which are so personal and vary, dependent on whether for general use or for a chronic condition. The benefits of this natural medicine increase as the dosage increases. Also important to explain the merits and benefits of this amazing nutrient and how Astaxanthin works in the body.

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What people say about
Natural Astaxanthin

Since I have not changed my lifestyle except for Ormus, I can only come to the conclusion that my overall improved health, mental capacity(!!) and eyesight is all the result of Ormus consumption on a regular basis.

From personal experience, together with in-depth research and other testimonials, as well as complete trust in the production of these products and individuals involved, I recommend the use of Ormus products without hesitation.

Paula, Healer

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Ormus – amazing stuff – thank you!

I don’t know if it’s the Ormus alone or if everything is working synergistically, but I am feeling pretty good lately.

Not so much on the physical level, but mentally I’ve gained clarity and become so much more positive. Incredible stuff.

Carol, Cancer Patient


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