Astaxanthin’s superior role as antioxidant plays a unique part in protecting the cell membrane and rejuvenating skin.



Who would ever think that you can take a tablet and it would make you more beautiful from the inside out? Or that same tablet could help protect your skin from UV damage and sunburn? It seems incredible, but there is strong evidence that Natural Astaxanthin can do both.

The skin is damaged over time by extensive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. These ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, freckles and pigmentation. There is evidence that Astaxanthin not only prevents UV damage but may actually help to reverse external signs of aging from the inside out.

Dr Perricone MD who has written many books on health and beauty and who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show is a true believer in Natural Astaxanthin and calls it a “SUPERSTAR SUPPLEMENT” – two of the benefits he cites are wrinkle reduction and calls it a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that gives you that beautiful healthy glow.

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Nowadays most people realise the importance of doing physical exercise in order to stay healthy and to look younger. We train our body muscles either at home or at the gym.


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I always encourage my clients to liaise with me either personally or telephonically to discuss the dosages, which are so personal and vary, dependent on whether for general use or for a chronic condition. The benefits of this natural medicine increase as the dosage increases. Also important to explain the merits and benefits of this amazing nutrient and how Astaxanthin works in the body.

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What people say about
Natural Astaxanthin

Everyone always tells me how vibrant and young my face looks. All I use is Natural Astaxanthin face cream! It is a natural sunblock and very nourishing. I try and use natural products wherever I can...and this is one of those fantastic products, that I'm so glad I found a few years back. It also lasts for ages which is an extra bonus.
Hayley Hardie

I've been using Pru's Natural Astaxanthin capsules and her Astaxanthin Cream for almost two years now.

What astonished me the most was the effect on my skin! It is looking younger now that it did in my 40's - my age spots have started to fade (especially on my hands), my skin looks and feels more hydrated, but for me the biggest plus has been the UV protection that it provides internally, especially with our harsh sun here in South Africa.

I can confidently say that instead of my skin burning it turns a lovely golden brown and glows.

The cream melts into the skin without a sticky residue. This is one product that I won't be without!

Vanessa Lochnie

Great product - thanks

I have used the capsules and cream for 2 months now. I take 3 capsules per day. My Rosacea skin condition has improved dramatically. I have been able to scale down on the medically prescribed cream and only use it every 3 rd or 4 th day, more as a precaution, and intend to completely abandon it within the next month. (If I skipped the medical cream in the past, even for just one day, my face would flare up in red blotches.) It is now under control and my skin hasn’t looked and felt this good in years.

Herman Pienaar

I met Pru and was introduced to Astaxanthin face cream a few years ago.

Let me tell you why I'm hooked and a loyal user of her face cream now.

I've been in the pharmaceutical/skincare business for many years and launched a few well known cosmecuetical ranges so I know what is essential for good skincare (plus I have seen a difference since I started using a more natural skincare product).

Astaxanthin is one of nature's most potent antioxidant and has incredible UV blocking properties essential for our harsh African climate.

I've definitely seen an increase in skin moisture content, improvement in elasticity and reduction in my pigmentation...kind of a glow now too!

It is also so very reasonably priced which allows me to use it liberally on my face, decolletage and hands, morning and night without breaking the bank for a quality and effective product!

I've recommend Astaxanthin to family and friends who have been just as thrilled with the will be too!

Carol Oakley

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