Athlete’s overuse their muscles, tendons and joints. ‘Overuse injuries’ account for much of the pain, soreness and decreased performance that many athletes endure, especially following a marathon performance. An athlete’s body makes excess oxidants, therefore an athlete needs to eat more antioxidants.

Science believes that joint soreness, stiffness and discomfort can be caused from oxidation in the body. Astaxanthin can quench free radicals and reduce oxidative stress that causes soreness and stiffness. Astaxanthin has been proven to prevent increases in soreness after strenuous exercise and to help with recovery.

While Astaxanthin is widely used by professional athletes, even those who simply enjoy exercising may benefit from Astaxanthin.

Sport recovery / endurance / stamina boost:
Because Astaxanthin is such a powerful antioxidant, it effectively scavenges the muscle tissue for free radicals and eliminates singlet oxygen. Another effect of Astaxanthin is the reduction of lactic acid build up in the muscles.

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I always encourage my clients to liaise with me either personally or telephonically to discuss the dosages, which are so personal and vary, dependent on whether for general use or for a chronic condition. The benefits of this natural medicine increase as the dosage increases. Also important to explain the merits and benefits of this amazing nutrient and how Astaxanthin works in the body.

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Natural Astaxanthin

Tim Marr, from Honolulu, a professional triathlete and winner of the Pan American long distance triathlon.

Tim first discovered Astaxanthin four years ago when he started racing triathlons, which involves two things, heavy exercise and long-term sun exposure.

He was looking for a product that would help his performance in these two areas. His solution was Natural Hawaiian Astaxanthin.

Once he started using it, he noticed a significant improvement in overuse injuries as well as long-term sun exposure.


I started social cycling in 2006 to improve my overall health.

In 2007, I became more competitive and started researching natural supplements to improve my cycling.

My life changed after I met Pru, who introduced mt to Natural Astaxanthin.

A few weeks of taking Natural Astaxanthin, I became a very competitive cyclist in Road and Mountain biking.

And I've already won a couple of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals!

Natural Astaxanthin has changed my overall health and I'm so strong on the bike that I can't imagine my life without it!

Piet Rossouw, Cyclist

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